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From Professor Jim McDonnell

September 29, 2006 at 2:55 pm

I taught Ted Mullin last term in Irish Literature and I can say most sincerely that I have never had a student whom I respected more. Even before I found out that he had been fighting cancer for a long time I was very impressed by his dedication to the requirements of the course. His class attendance exemplary and he was always came thoroughly prepared to ask questions, offer interpretations and to listen attentively to the opinions of others. At about mid-term he came to my office to inform me that he would have to miss a couple of classes because he was going to Chicago for medical treatment. By then I had been told by one of his friends in the class of what he had gone through, and I was astonished by Ted’s courtesy, fortitude and humility in talking about his condition. He was extremely anxious to keep up with the reading and fulfill all requirements of the course. I felt then and continue to feel extremely privileged to have known such a wonderful person. His dignity, self-respect and clarity of mind in the face of the possibility that his life would soon be cut short were a lesson and inspiration to me. When he returned from Chicago he gave the same attention as he had had at the beginning of term and seemed to derive an enhanced benefit from his reading and from class discussions. He completed the term’s work with one of the finest papers I have ever received. I learnt from him that it is not the length of life that matters but the dedication and integrity with which it is lived.

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