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From Friend

October 2, 2006 at 9:25 am

I consider myself lucky for having the opportunity to have met Ted. His attitude toward living life and giving it your all has truly had an impact on my life. Whatever he would be doing, whether doing research for a paper, listening to a friend's problems, or swimming a mile, he would make sure to do so fully. His commitment to and zest for life was refreshing and was apparent to everyone who was lucky enough to meet him. I have so many memories of Ted which will stay will me for a long time to come.

I counted for Ted for just about every 500, thousand, and mile he swam at Carleton. I always assumed that he would just expect me to count for him at every meet. However, whenever a distance race was coming up, he would always come over and ask me if I would count for him. Sometimes I would be in the very next heat and he would be concerned that I wouldn't have enough time to prepare for my race. This was a typical sentiment of his, always putting others needs in front of his own. None-the-less, I would always reassure him that I would count for him. Whenever he would get behind the blocks, with the intensity that only Ted has, the two of us would shadow box from across the pool. This became a routine for us, and it made me feel as though I could give back to him for all the support he showed me everyday.

When Ted came back to school in the Spring of our sophomore year to move out of Evans, a bunch of his friends came over to help move boxes and wish him all the best as he prepared for treatments. Again, showing his awareness of others, he was asking if anyone wanted to borrow any of his belongings, such as an alarm clock, while he was away. When he finished moving all his stuff to the car, and I was preparing to leave, he asked where I was headed. Of course, I replied that I was going down to West Gym. He mentioned he needed to pick some things up so we walked across campus to the pool together. He kept asking me how people were handling the news. As I updated him on the reactions or teammates and friends, it was apparent that he was truly concerned about everyone at Carleton. I went to visit Ted in Chicago after Spring term ended. He showed me around and played tourist with me for awhile. I got the change to ask him how he was feeling and he responded in a simply and honest way: "I am scared as hell, but I know that I have people behind me that will make things easier." He certainly had family, friends, teammates, coaches, teachers, and many more behind him every step of the way.

Ted was a dependable, caring, and passionate friend. He will be missed by many, but he will always be in our hearts!

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