Co-curricular Programs

Headley House Visitors in Ethics

EthIC supports bringing ethics presenters to Carleton for extended visits in partnership with the Headley House Distinguished Visitor-in-Residence program. These visitors could include academic professionals, but may also be individuals from all walks of life who have seriously engaged important ethical issues in their daily lives and work. These visits may include a convocation or other large public events and a variety of smaller events, conversations and consultations with faculty, departments, students and staff.

“The Ethicist Column”

EthIC sponsors a weekly "The Ethicist Column" in the Carletonian written by faculty, staff, students and alumni responding to ethical questions on local and global issues.

Student Discussion Groups

EthIC convenes discussion groups led by EthIC staff or student assistants around specific topics or events of interest to students.

Ethics Bowl

Ethics in the Professions

EthIC Goes to the Movies

EthIC Speaker Series