Student Storage Policy

Carleton College assumes no responsibility for lost, damaged, or stolen items. The storage service is provided as an alternative to taking possessions off-campus each year. Students are responsible for posted information regarding storage hours. Space is limited. Commercial storage facilities are available in Northfield and the surrounding area.


  • Student storage is located in: Cassat, Goodhue, James, Musser, Myers, and Watson.
  • Bicycles may only be stored in James and Watson with a bike storage ticket. Outdoor free bike storage on the bike rack under the Goodhue Super Lounge.


  • Students may gain access to storage during the academic term by contacting x5834 and making an appointment.

  • Special hours will be posted at the end of each term for putting items in storage and at the beginning of each term for the removal of items from storage.

Off Campus Storage:

  • Off Campus storage is located at Goodhue and Musser ONLY.
  • Off Campus storage tickets must include the date of your return.

Storage Tickets:

  • Each stored item must have a current storage ticket. Tickets are for the current academic year and may be purchased at the Bookstore during their regular business hours. They cost $7 each for regular storage boxes and $10 each for bikes.
  • Refrigerators can be no larger than 3.5 cubic feet and also require a large storage ticket.
  • The color of storage tickets changes each year to distinguish old from current storage.
  • Expired storage will be disposed of annually.


  • Storage must be in boxes, trunks or luggage displaying a current storage ticket. Plastic bags, odd containers, or loose items will not be accepted. Skis will be accepted if bound and ticketed. No staff is available to help students carry boxes, so students must be able to transport items on their own. Custodial Services reserves the right to refuse storage items that do not meet these criteria.
  • Furniture (including lamps) will not be stored.
  • Custodial Services will provide cardboard boxes (per availability) through their recycling program for storage and moving off-campus. Times and locations for students to pick up recycled cardboard boxes will be posted at the end of spring term.
  • Custodial Services may not be available to access elevators. Students must be able to carry their items up and down stairs.
  • A limited number of carts are available for student use. Return immediately for others to use.
  • No storage is allowed in off-campus houses during the summer. Custodial Services will dispose of any items left behind.

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