Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Projects

Annual Classroom Improvements

Willis classroom light controls
Willis 114 change room orientation
Laird 211 and 212 new tablet arm chairs
Convert Laird 206 to lounge
Mudd 66 new tablet arm chairs
CMC 210 & 301 new tablet arm chairs
CMC 102 replace table
Hulings 103 remove drawers in lab tables
Olin 11 new tables and chairs
Leighton 304 add opaque window shades

Facility Change Requests

Nine new faculty office requests
New fence for outdoor events
Create lounge in Leighton 217
Complete compact shelving on third floor Library
Music Hall front stair railing
Weitz Center loading dock lighting
Benches and windscreen for Bell Field tennis courts
New furniture for Cowling lobby
Cowling 121 new basketball ceiling mount structures
Paint softball field dugouts
West Gym 213 add wall for locked storage and meeting room
Mudd B65, 65A, 65E install fume exhaust system in Instrument Shop
Install security cameras on campus
Two new water refilling stations in Mudd & Leighton

Annual Residence Hall Improvements

Burton Hall - phase I

Annual Facility System Replacement/Repair

Building Envelope (roofs, windows, exteriors)

Burton - replace roof
Cowling Gym - deck/stairs
Facilities Building - partial roof replacement
Library - Founder's Court stone/step repairs
Severance/Great Hall exterior entrance
West Gym bridge; deck replacement
West Gym flat roof
Library stone repair/windows

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

Update EMS panels – (year 5 of 5)
Musser - replace radiator system
Replace mid-level electrical panel
West Gym - replace pool AHU
Burton lighting - electrical panels


Academic Support move to Library

Annual Campus / Grounds Improvements

Mai Fete and Stewsie: repair bridges
Asphalt replacement: Sayles to Leighton
Grade rugby and lacrosse fields
Reconfigure cross country starting line area
Tree management implementation
Bald Spot irrigation infrastructure
Chapel turf improvement 
Update outdoor display areas 
Softball field press box and seating
Arb parking lot/trailhead project
Evans Hall footbridge replacement