Integrated Science Facility

Science site plan

The project will include removing Mudd Hall, renovating Hulings Hall and Olin Hall, and new construction in the current science courtyard to connect the buildings into one facility. The new integrated science complex will position Carleton to better serve the needs of students and faculty and help ensure that Carleton maintains its reputation as a leader in the sciences.

Goals for the project are to:

  • Support integrated science education. Students, faculty, and staff should experience the connections between scientific disciplines and the connections between science, other academic fields, and “real life” outside of the classroom.
  • Support student-faculty research. Facilities should increase our ability to involve more students in meaningful research in our laboratories, and to incorporate meaningful research opportunities into the science curriculum.
  • Enhance the strengths of our current facilities and programs in a manner that reflects Carleton’s historic leadership in educating scientists.
  • Feature adaptable and flexible spaces. Teaching and research spaces should be relatively easy to reconfigure as new faculty and new scientific techniques and areas of interest come and go.
  • Be sustainable. Energy efficient buildings, in addition to cutting operational costs and being more sustainable, are also tools for teaching about energy conservation and the environment.

See more planning and construction details along with the project timeline.