Facility Change Request Form

Often requests to make changes to office space, meeting rooms and classrooms have a technology component to them, and an increasing number of requests for new technology will involve some sort of physical change to the space that the technology will reside in. Therefore, we will continue to combine the Facility Change Request Program (FCR), the New Technology Request Process (NTRC), and the Classroom Change Request Program to a single form, which will facilitate the evaluation of the projects, especially as they are interrelated. The form can be found at http://goo.gl/forms/Arf7jzCPkY. Please submit your form(s) by Wednesday, November 25. 

Facility Change Requests seeking funding support are to be for small renewal projects (e.g. re-configuration of a room, changing a doorway, adding electrical service, or extending utility service to support the installation of a new piece of equipment). Requests for funding support are recommended to be in the range of $3,000 to $50,000 and are expected to demonstrate a real need in support of a College or departmental objective. If you are uncertain about the cost of a proposed project, please inquire with Facilities. Please note, if your department has funding and plans to pay for a change to your space, you will also need to submit a request to obtain approval from the committee. 

All Facility Change Requests, New Technology Requests, and Classroom Change Requests will be evaluated by the appropriate review committee and someone from that committee will notify you regarding the outcome of your request.