Fleet Vehicle Services Guide

Carleton College maintains a fleet of vehicles that are available for use when conducting official College business. The fleet vehicles are shared vehicles available to pre-qualified faculty, staff, and College recognized student organizations.  All drivers must possess a valid U.S. driver's license and appear on the list of Authorized College Drivers in order to drive fleet vehicles or rental vehicles for business travel.

Statement regarding Cell Phones: It is illegal in Minnesota for drivers to read, compose or send texts/emails, and access the Web on a wireless device while the vehicle is in motion or a part of traffic, such as at a stoplight or stuck in traffic. It is also illegal for drivers under age 18 to use a cell phone at any time. If it becomes necessary for you to use a cellular phone, please do not use it while driving. Ask a passenger to make the call or find a safe place to pull the vehicle off the road prior to using the phone.

There is a per mile vehicle usage charge that is billed to the user’s department budget number.  Both drivers and passengers share responsibility for honoring Carleton's shared fleet vehicle courtesies.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Option for Cars and 7-12 Passenger Vans

If your round trip mileage is expected to exceed 100 miles, the driver is 21 or older and is an Authorized Driver, use the mileage calculator in combination with the reimbursement comparison data to determine if renting a vehicle from Northfield's Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a more economical use of College funds. Make your reservation directly with Enterprise.  Arrange for the vehicle to be delivered to you - eliminating your hike to the Stadium parking lot for a fleet vehicle and saving the College money.  The Enterprise vehicle will be clean, safe, gassed up and ready for you.

Note: Only faculty/staff can rent Enterprise 12 passenger vans for College business.  12 passenger vans must be procured from an outside rental vendor and drivers must complete the on-line training program provided through Carleton's Risk Manager.

Breakdowns, Accidents, Safety Guidelines

Authorized Student Driver Program

Reserve a Fleet Vehicle

Key Pick Up and Return

Driver and Passenger Responsibilities

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