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Bert Taylor

Study Buddy, a desk with a bookcase, a slide-out tray, and a secret compartment, and Monopoly, a kitchen table, are part of ingenious Minneapolis designer Bert Taylor’s Furnucci line of colorful “KD” (knock-down) or “RTA” (ready-to-assemble) furniture. These two prototypes, using green and recycled materials, are from Taylor’s evolving exploration of computer-aided design and manufacturing. Every piece in the line is designed to ship flat in a box, and no nails, screws, or glues are needed to put the parts together. The only hardware used in Furnucci is the soft but durable “Corqs” of resilient recycled plastic that the wine industry uses in place of bark corks. When pushed into place, the Corqs cinch everything tight. Furnucci’s precisely machined, cleverly interlocking components are modular and stackable, the parts easily configured in different ways to form bookcases, desks, tables, chairs, dressers, cabinets, and chests.

— From Glenn Gordon's essay, Sculpture Designed to be Used.

  • Bert Taylor, Monopoly Table or Furnucci Table
    Monopoly Table, or Furnucci Table, 2005. Baltic Birch, Valchromat fiberboard and synthetic wine corks. 30" H x 36" W x 36" D.
  • Bert Taylor, Study Buddy
    Study Buddy, 2005. Baltic Birch, Valchromat fiberboard and synthetic wine corks. 58" H x 32" W x 29" D.
  • Study Buddy
    Study Buddy