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Carl Gromoll

An illusion of water figures in the design of the glass-top Hydraulic Table by Carl Gromoll, a noted sculptor and furniture maker in Eagle River, Wisconsin. The base appears to pass right through the plane of the glass as though it were a bass breaching the surface of a lake. The table is made of pine sawn from trees logged off Gromoll’s own property. Gromoll is a master of the smooth fair curve. The fluid forms of his voluptuous chairs and tables are carved from laminated stacks of solid wood or fine Baltic birch plywood. He gives some of his pieces a clear finish, allowing the sculptures’ undulating layers to show like the strata of topological models; others he gives a shiny hot-rod finish; candy apple red is a favorite.

— From Glenn Gordon's essay, Sculpture Designed to be Used.

  • Carl Gromoll, Hydraulic Table
    Hydraulic Table, 2004. Pine, glass. 21" H x 60" L x 29" D.