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Dean Wilson

Dean Wilson, the head of the furniture design program at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, has influenced several of the younger designers in the show. His work is known for its exuberant playfulness and adventuresome combinations of materials—wood, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, plastics, and rubber being only a few. His Cocktail Cart, a slightly loopy conveyance crafted from Baltic birch plywood surfaced in Miami colors of plastic laminate, has a frame and guard railings of welded stainless steel rod, and rubber Soap-Box Derby wheels. Cheerfully asymmetrical, a slightly drunken wheelbarrow, its wheels are offset from one another, not on the same axis. They can still, however, if asked, move together in a straight line. The railings are like those on the deck of a cruise ship, so bottles and drinks don’t fall overboard.

— From Glenn Gordon's essay, Sculpture Designed to be Used.

  • Dean Wilson, Cocktail Cart
    Cocktail Cart, 1997. Stainless steel, plywood, plastic laminate, buggy wheels. 34" H x 42" W x 24" D.
  • Cocktail Cart
    Cocktail Cart