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Linda Sue Eastman

Linda Sue Eastman, whose studio is in Winona, Minnesota, is known for her exquisitely crafted work in dyed suede and antiqued hand-tooled leather. One of her works is a tasseled stool made in homage to Bugatti; the other is a chaise longue created expressly for this show after Eastman’s recent intensive study of classic 18th-century furniture techniques at the North Bennett Street School in Boston, a bastion of woodworking excellence. The chaise testifies to her love of lush surfaces, her graceful swirls of asymmetrical paisley applied here to a painted, understated frame that by comparison is austere in its restraint.

— From Glenn Gordon's essay, Sculpture Designed to be Used.

  • Linda Sue Eastman, Paisley Chaise lounge.
    Linda Sue Eastman, Paisley Chaise Longue, 2007. Hand-tooled, dyed, and antiqued leather: hand-stitched Asian water buffalo hide, maple. 42" H x 24" W x 60" L.
  • Paisley Chaise Lounge
    Paisley Chaise Lounge
  • Linda Sue Eastman, Thinking of Bugatti
    Thinking of Bugatti Stool, 2006. Hand-tooled, dyed, and antiqued leather, hand-stitched suede, and carved mahogany. 19" H x 27" W x 18" D.