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About the Exhibition

New Art, New Ideas is an exciting journey through Carleton’s little-known art collection. Addressing the potential uses of visual art in a college setting, we six student curators hope to make accessible works of art from local, regional, and internationally known artists. Whether it is ethically challenging, Carleton-related, intercultural, beautiful, or something completely different, art plays a major role in life at Carleton.

With a new multidisciplinary Arts Center and museum on the horizon, the student curators want to turn the focus of this exhibition inward. We seek to understand, philosophically and historically, the art we have and why we have it. In order to begin reflective conversations, we have placed these works into four primary categories:

  • Call to Conscience: Art that is socially and politically charged
  • Creative Campus: Art that reflects life at Carleton
  • Arts Abroad: Art presenting broader global influences
  • Pondering Pretty: Art that interrogates artistic beauty

Curators: Hallie Scott '07, Laura Schneider '07, Dustin Yager '06, Nozomi Naoi '06, Nicole Wankel '06, Sarah Mawhorter '06