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Martin Chambi, Ira motocicleta de Mario Perez Yanez

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Martin Chambi, <em>Ira motocicleta de Mario Perez Yanez</em>

Martin Chambi (1891-1973), Ira motocicleta de Mario Perez Yanez, 1934
gold-toned silver gelatin print
Purchased by Carleton

Martin Chambi’s photographs of Cuzco, Peru, offer us a window into the lives and customs of the inhabitants of the Peruvian Andes. Carleton’s Chambi photographs are part of an eleven-image portfolio printed by Sergio Fernandez, directly from Chambi’s original glass plates.

The juxtaposition of the young man and his motorcycle in the foreground with the traditional living structure and old women in the background addresses many of the contradictions that existed in Peruvian mountain-village life in the first half of the twentieth century.


Martin Chambi, Ira motocicleta de Mario Perez Yanez, Latin America, 20th Century, 1930s, Black and White
13 September 2006