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About The Exhibition

The Record Show Poster Show celebrates the creative possibilities arising at the intersection between popular music and contemporary graphic design. In exchange for total creative freedom, designers from the U.S., Europe and Asia eagerly contribute graphics to advertise this bi-monthly Minneapolis convention for record collectors.

Designer Richard Shelton, the Record Show impresario, first hired students at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Design to design the posters, and later turned to his wife, Kali Nikitas of Graphic Design for Love (+$). Since 1991, poster designs have come from talented visiting artists to MCAD where Shelton and Nikitas taught. These include such internationally renowned figures as Nick Wiggins (San Francisco), Santiago Cucullu (Milwaukee), Marcel Hermes from COMA (NY and Amsterdam), Florian Pfeffer (Bremen and Amsterdam), and Kiyo Matsumoto (Tokyo).

Shelton's extensive collection of record album covers was featured in Hip Art That's Square, an exhibition at the Goldstein Museum of Design, University of Minnesota, Jan-April 2005.

On February 18, Shelton and Nikitas lecture on posters, collecting, trends in contemporary design, and designers they have worked with at 7 pm in Room 104 Boliou Hall. Nikitas is currently Chair of the Art Department at Northeastern University in Boston. The opening party at 8-10 pm in the Art Gallery will feature music selected by disk jockeys Shelton, Mick Novak his business partner, and Piotr Szyhalski a multi-media artist and Shelton's frequent collaborator.

At Carleton, the Record Show Poster Show offers students the opportunity to design the next Record Show poster. Poster designs will be judged by Shelton and Nikitas, and the winner announced on February 18, at the opening reception for the exhibition. The winning student will then produce the posters, which will advertise the June 3, 2006 Minneapolis Record Show convention.