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Fred Hagstrom

My work changed when I started teaching students to draw from nature. Many of them find it difficult and tell me that they prefer to draw people. In fact, some students say that experiencing the natural world is intimidating and challenging. Prior to this, I hadn’t given much thought about our relationship to nature. Now I wonder how many young people are growing up with unstructured time and opportunity to be in nature, left to their own imagination? How might art play a role in changing our cultural attitudes about nature? As a child I spent many hours alone exploring the outdoors. Now I am deeply thankful for all that time when I was left to my own resources—it’s the core of my life as an artist.

Fred Hagstrom: Dry Land 

Fred Hagstrom
Dry Land series, 2008
Intaglio print with Chine-collé
8 1/4 x 15 1/2 in.

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