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Sarah Ball

Residents, 208/210 2nd St., 1868-2010

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<em>Residents, 208/210 2nd St., 1868-2010</em>


Sarah Ball


13 May 2010

My work in this show is a culmination of several different projects I’ve been involved with this year. The first and most extensive was an exploration of the history and character of the house that I have lived in for the past year, a rental property that has been inhabited by Carleton students for as long as almost anyone can remember. As it turns out, though, the house has an illustrious history that goes far beyond its current legacy. While researching the house, I became interested in the lives and stories of its past inhabitants- we have all shared this unique space, but other than the address 208/210 E. Second Street most of the residents have almost nothing in common. And so this part of my senior project is a timeline; a reflection on the hundreds of people that have lived here and shared this space. The show also includes other work completed during my senior year. These pieces are much less concept-driven in nature, and instead they emphasize the interaction of different materials and media to create work that is, hopefully, visually interesting.