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Emma Bentley

My project is an attempt to address the fact that everyone I come in contact with-- a friend, a family member, a fellow shopper in the grocery store-- has thoughts and feelings about which he or she rarely speaks, but which nonetheless exists very powerfully under the surface of his or her everyday interactions with me.

Each of these pieces has two components: text, written by me, and found objects.

I see the text in this project as thoughts and feelings, and the objects as the random physical things that make up our world, on which, magically, these thoughts have been projected. To me, the ambiguous connection between the text and the objects is ideal; so much of how I understand my own life is based on vague interpretations, secret feelings, and all sorts of unspeakable beliefs. I’m convinced that one of the things that makes life so beautiful and great, but also so sad, is the fact that each of us has so many compelling feelings that can never be fully expressed or conveyed to one another.