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Laura likes to knit things. Especially rainbow things!
Laura Haave Profile
Director of Gender & Sexuality Center
Title IX Deputy/Prevention
Laura has been a sexuality educator, sexual violence survivor advocate, and LGBTQA activist for more than fifteen years. She has a master’s degree in health behavior and health education from the University of Michigan School of Public Health and previously worked at Northwestern University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is an alumna of St. John's College, a small liberal arts school in Annapolis, MD. Laura is a teacher trainer and curriculum developer for the Our Whole Lives (OWL) sexuality education series. She enjoys knitting during meetings and keeps a Sorting Hat in her office. (Pronouns: She/Her/Hers)
Tegra Straight, Assistant Director
Tegra Straight Profile
Assistant Director of the Gender and Sexuality Center

Tegra has worked at Carleton since the Fall of 2011 when she started as an Area Director in Residential Life. In 2014 she became the Assistant Director of the Gender & Sexuality Center and enjoys connecting LGBTQA+ education with aspects around healthy relationships, violence prevention, and intersectionality. She has a BS in Biology and a MA in Higher Educational Administration with a Specialization in Student Affairs from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She enjoys playing football, softball and hanging out with her three cats.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 


Matthew Elfstrand ’17 Profile

Hi, I’m Matthew! I am a senior history major and women’s and gender studies concentrator from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I love running in the Arb, reading novels, playing The Settlers of Catan, and binging television shows on Netflix. This is my first year as a GSCA and I am looking forward to working with everyone to foster a culture of affirmative consent as well as LGBTQA+ and feminist communities at the GSC. I always love meeting new people, so come and say hi if you ever want to talk!

Pronouns: He/Him/His 

Erick 2016
Erick Sirisoukh ’17 Profile

Hey, I'm Erick! I'm a senior Psychology major, Educational Studies concentrator from Altamonte Springs, FL. and I'm always up for talking about asexuality, aromanticism, astronomy, and educational issues. Also, hit me up if you want to spontaneously harmonize and be musical. Besides being an Admissions tour guide and a Synchrony II dancer and choreographer, I also love singing, archery, and too many TV shows to count (Orphan Black and Once Upon A Time, to name a few). Never hesitate to say hi to me! Especially on a tour!Pronouns: He/Him/His

Kathryn Melendez ’17 Profile

My name is Kathryn (she/her/hers pronouns), and I am a senior American Studies major and Women's and Gender Studies concentrator. My academic interests in racial, economic, immigration, and gender justice can be traced back to my high school classes and my family experiences. However, these interests have grown the most through my membership in CORAL, WHOA, and QTPOC at Carleton. Find me spending time with these communities each week! Though I miss being with these communities off campus, I also love being back home in Southern California for the concerts and hiking trails.

Caroline Sheffield
Caroline Sheffield ’17

"Hello! I’m Caroline (or Sheff), a junior Sociology/Anthropology major and pre-med from Seattle. I love team sports, making pancakes, fixing and following trails in Washington, and noodling around in the KRLX studio. In the GSC, I’m particularly interested in increasing LGBTQ awareness and allyship on sports teams and promoting safe sexual relationships on campus. I look forward to meeting you in the GSC, at our planned events and around campus!”

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 

Sarah Kochanek
Sarah Kochanek ’18 Profile

My name is Sarah (she/her/hers pronouns) and I'm a junior Philosophy major, minoring in both Spanish and Women's and Gender Studies. I've been working at the GSC for about 2 years now, and I absolutely love this position. Some of the main projects I've worked on include topics such as: teaching about gender and sexual identity, adding nuance to these discussions in various forms, and working towards sexual violence prevention. I feel so lucky to be involved with this group of people who are so dedicated to making Carleton's campus a better place. Outside of the GSC, I love reading, listening to music, being at the beach in any weather, playing lacrosse, and spending time with dogs.

Liv Phillips
Liv Phillips ’18

Hey! My name is Liv, and I’m a junior CS major. I hail from small town Minnesota, and my interests include Beyoncé, arts & crafts, green tea flavored anything, & robots. This is my second year as a GSCA, and I'll be working on a variety of things including Queer Peers, Speak Up, Stripped, and the GSC workshop Unpacking Gender. If you have any questions about these events, or in general, definitely feel free to hit me up!

Pronouns: They/Them 

GSCA Amirah Ellison
Amirah Ellison ’18 Profile

Hey! I’m Amirah from the northside of Minneapolis, and I am majoring in Cinema and Media Studies with a Middle East Studies concentration. My favorite past times include abolishing the whitesupremacistcapitalistimperialistpatriarchy, as well as bartering candles and fair-trade olive oil in exchange for teas and friendship. My interests include film, journalism, liberation theology, environmental justice, afro-veganism, Islamic feminism, politics (the decolonizing kind, not the establishment kind), and biking. Most of my time is occupied by laying out pages for infemous, playing rugby, and reading the same poems over and over again in dimly-lit coffee shops. 

Pronouns: she/her/hers 

Lori Barrientos Sanchez
Lori Barrientos Sanchez ’18 Profile

Hi! I'm Lori and I'm a junior Studio Art major and Women and Gender Studies concentrator from the D.C. metropolitan region. I love playing rugby, making ceramics, reading WGST theory in relation to pop culture, studying epidemics, and talking about sex education and public health (seriously ask me about contraception and safer sex). Stop by the GSC or at Queer & Allies House (Q&A) to come talk to me!

Pronouns: she/her/hers or they/them/theirs 

Manuel Lugo Acosta ’19

Hey! My name is Manuel Lugo Acosta, but Manny is fine (The phrasing is intentional). I am a Sophomore newly declared Women's and Gender Studies Major with a Biochemistry concentration from Tucson, AZ. I am on the board of two student organization at Carleton: Queer, Questioning, and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) and Carleton's Alliance of Undocumented Students and Allies for Empowerment (CAUSE) Formerly ADMIRE. On the unlikely chance I have free time, catch me napping or binge watching Netflix!

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Sam Palim ’19
Gabriela Bosquez ’17
Spencer O'Bryan ’17
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