Healthy Sexuality & Sexual Violence Prevention

Looking for a great way to get involved in preventing sexual misconduct and promoting healthy relationships on campus? 


As part of our comprehensive sexual misconduct prevention programs, all incoming students are required to complete Haven, an online, interactive sexual violence prevention program.

#CarlTalk Consent, Healthy Sexuality, and Relationships

#CarlTalk: Consent, Healthy Sexuality and Relationships is an annual event held during New Student Week where current Carls share their advice on sex, relationships and consent with new students. 

Green Dot

Green Dot is a nationally recognized bystander intervention program that focuses on building the skills needed for individuals to take action when they see instances of power-based personal violence (stalking, intimate partner violence, and sexual assault). 

Speak Up

Speak Up is an annual campus-wide event about healing ourselves and our communities from the impacts of sexual violence.  

Peer Education Workshops

The GSC has a great menu of hour-long workshops you can host. They cover topics like sexuality, gender, sexual violence prevention, sexual pleasure, etc. Talk with your RA about bringing a workshop to your floor, or get a group of friends together and host one yourself!

Peer Facilitated Sexuality Courses

The GSC offers three different peer-faciliated sexuality classes. FemSex and MSex are both offered Spring Term. WeSex is our advanced course and is offered during Winter Term to those students who have already participated in either FemSex or MSex.