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Contacts for these groups can be found on Carleton's official Student Orgs page.

GSC Groups 

Asexuality Community & Education (ACE) provides a safe space to discuss personal experiences with identities on the asexual and aromantic spectra, and aims to increase knowledge and awareness in the general Carleton community. Everyone is welcome, no matter your sexual or romantic orientation! Contact chotocruzc, johnstoe, or ulanowm with questions. 

Carleton In and Out (CIaO) is an informal, weekly discussion group that looks at issues from an LGBTQA perspective. Some topics include coming out and being out at Carleton and beyond, healthcare in the LGBTQA community, religion, body image, and intersecting identities. Everyone is welcome, whether you are in, out, anywhere in between, or an ally. Contact Lasondra (kerns) or Russel (petersor).

Collective for Women's Issues (CWI) is a discussion and support group for women on campus exploring issues from a female perspective. Part discussion group, part check-in, the group meets Thursdays at 8:00pm in WA (Berg) House and provides a safe space for women to talk about issues that matter to them. All genders are welcome to the discussion; the check-in is for self-identified women.

Carleton Men is an up-and-coming community of male-identified Carleton students. We are committed to opening conversations reflecting on the roles that gender and masculinity play in putting a stop to sexism, preventing sexual violence,a and promoting a safe and healthy campus for all genders. Email trautmaa if interested and you want to be on the mailing list!  

Queer Peers Program: New to Carleton or new to coming out at gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender queer or as an ally? Join the QP program and we will pair you with a junior or senior who will help you learn about being out at Carleton. Confidentiality guaranteed. Email Brit (fryerb), Lindsey (myrickl), or Elly (firesidee) with questions.

Queer, Trans* People of Color (QTPOC) is an organization that brings together self-identified Queer, Questioning, and Trans People of Color. It aspires to create a space for students to explore the intersections of their racial, cultural, national, gender, sex, and class identities. In creating a community of students from diverse backgrounds, QTPOC aims to actively increase the visibility of underrepresented people inside and outside of Carleton. 

Sexuality and Gender Activism (SaGA) is a group that focuses on promoting awareness of issues of sexuality and gender across campus and beyond. This group deals with issues of sexual orientation, gender identity, LGBTQ discrimination, and more! Meetings consists of community building, talking about issues in our area and realting to the queer community, and making posters for peer education. Look forward to volunteer work and political action!

Trans/Gender Discussion Group is a group for support and discussion of trans/gender issues at Carleton in a safe space. Weekly meetings discuss gender and plan events on campus. The group also organizes and takes trips to events and presentations in the Cities. It is open to students of all genders. Contact Eli (skinners).

Campus Groups

Aids and HIV Awareness (AHA!) strives to increase awareness about issues of sexuality in general, with specific focus on how to prevent the spread of HIV and other STDs. AHA! Sponsors trips to anonymous HIV testing sites each term and is responsible for condom distribution on campus. We also organize Carleton’s team for the Minnesota AIDS Walk.

Campus Advocates Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (CAASHA) are an autonomous group whose purpose is to provide support to survivors and perpetrators (women or men) of sexual harassment, sexual assault. They are available 24 hours a day and offer non-judgmental listening, support, and information on resources and Carleton's policies.  You can email them for more information at

Reproductive Justice Coalition exists to increase awareness and activism within Carleton and its community in regards to reproductive rights, abortion, and pro-choice issues. We serve as an educational resource for issues pertaining to reproductive justice as well as an advocate for them. RJC provides a forum in which Carleton students, faculty, and staff can actively support reproductive justice, including, but not limited to, the right to choose.

Coalition of Women of Color (COWOC)creates an environment for women on the Carleton campus that is supportive, fun and serves as a resource. COWOC will provide a sense of familiarity and extend many opportunities to further educate women and Carleton about multicultural and women’s issues. 

Happy Bodies hosts weekly discussions that seek to create a safe and positive environment to talk about bodies. Our topics range from health and positivity, to discrimination, sexual violence, and power. Happy Bodies seeks to empower Carleton students by holding discussions that seek to break down stigmas we hold about our bodies; encouraging confidence in our bodies and empowering us with knowledge to provide others with the opportunity to feel the same.

Women in Economics increases the involvement of women in the field of economics. We host alumni panels and group discussions to encourage women to get involved.

Women in Math and Science (WhIMS) exists as an internal support network and an external outreach program for women interested in math and science. A major goal is to provide Carleton women with new opportunites, information and encouragement in their pursuit of math and science-related careers. We do so by offering conference attendance opportunites, trips to the Twin Cities science venues and regular meetings with female math and science faculty. As an outreach program, WhIMS works with organizations such as the Girl Scouts to plan math and science activity days designed to expose a younger group to the possibilities of math and science.