Peer Led Programs

The GSC offers a variety of Peer Led Programs that cover the range of healthy sexuality, LGBTQA+ awareness and sexual violence prevention. Our programming comes in the form of panels, 1 hour workshops, 10 week discussion courses and a peer-to-peer mentoring program.  

LGBTQA+ Panels: A group of students, representing a range of different identities, come to tell their coming out stories and answer questions about their experiences.

Peer Education Workshops: Peer education workshops led by GSCA's. Workshops can be requested for floors, groups, departments, meetings, by filling out this form.

Queer Peer Mentoring Program: Mentoring program for students who wish to be paired 1-on-1 with a sophomore, junior or senior who can help them navigate LGBTQA+ life at Carleton.

Sexuality Courses:

  • FemSex: is a collaborative, student-facilitated, no-credit class seeks to engage participants in reading and discussions on female sexual health and sexuality.
  • MSex: is a peer-led, no-credit course that seeks to engage any and all students in readings and class discussions on masculinity and sexuality.

Please contact Tegra Straight (tstraight) with questions about the various Peer Led Programs ran out of the GSC.