Queer Peers Program

The goal of the Queer Peers Program is to facilitate mentor/mentee relationships between LGBTQA+* students. These relationships will differ between mentee/mentor pairings, but some general things mentors might help with include: sharing information about resources and the LGBTQA+ communities/student groups on campus, helping their mentee talk through personal challenges and concerns, and bringing their mentee to GSC events.

Who can be a mentee?
Carleton students of all class years are encouraged to become a Queer Peer mentee if they identify as a part of the LGBTQA+ community (including students who are questioning or unsure if they are LGBTQA+!)  and identify with any of the following:

  • I am confused or uncertain about my identity/identities
  • I want someone to talk to about my LGBTQA+ identity/identities or experiences
  • I want someone to help me become more involved in the LGBTQA+ communities on campus
  • I want someone to introduce me to resources on campus
  • I want advice on how to meet people or date as an LGBTQA+ person
  • I’m new to Carleton and want someone to help me adjust to campus

Who can be a mentor?
Any sophomore, junior, or senior Carl who identifies as a part of the LGBTQA+ community, wants to be a support for another LGBTQA+ student, and is able to meet with their peer regularly throughout the year.

When are applications due?
Applications for mentors, and mentees, are open throughout the year. The first round application deadline for mentees is First Friday (1st week of fall term) while the initial mentor deadline is the end of spring term the previous year. Applications received after the first round deadline will be paired as soon as possible.  

NOTE: All Mentors must attend training prior to be paired with a mentee. If you missed the spring term training please contact the GSC to schedule a make-up session.   

If you have any questions, email gsc@carleton.edu.

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