New! When I Knew 2012

When I Knew came out again! Based on the first student publication (read it below!) and the original book edited by Robert Trachtenberg, the GSC and The Lens have teamed up to make another stunning publication. Edited by Alex Brewer '12 and Michael McClellan '13, this is another (and hopefully not the last) installment of personal stories of coming out.

When I Knew 2012 (PDF)



Our bodies are sites of pleasure, pain, gender, sexuality, joy, shame, and celebration. Our new publication wants to navigate our relationships with our bodies. We want to explore subjects like body positivity, health and illness, fat acceptance, sex, ability, sexual violence, modification, and any other way society shapes the way we view bodies.

Bodies (Online Book) | Bodies (PDF)


In 2008 the GSC published When I Knew, a collection of stories written by Carleton students and alumni about whey they first realized their sexual orientation.  It is based on When I Knew edited by Robert Trachtenberg and illustrated by Tom Bachtell, featuring the stories of famous people in the LGBT community.  

When I Knew (Online book) | When I Knew (PDF)


Drag was published in 2009 and addresses gender and how gender manifests itself.  This publication, written entirely by Carleton students, delves into the varied meanings of "drag", through performance, personal reflections, poetry, essays, and photographs.

Drag (Online Book) | Drag (PDF)


For the 2010  SpeakUp! Against Sexual Violence event, a group of Carleton student survivors put together a book about the ongoing process of survival.

How We Survive (Online Book) | How We Survive (PDF)


For V-Day 2010 the Vagina Monologues advocacy team, headed up by CA Becky Canary-King and Nicoleta Rukaj, produced a small zine called "Beyond Vaginas".  It was distributed at the Vagina Monologues performance as a way to get involved after V-Week and the performance.

Beyond Vaginas (Online Book) | Beyond Vaginas (PDF)