Henrickson House

Henrickson House, an institutional house advised by the GSC, offers a unique living space dedicated to providing a welcoming environment to all LGBTQA students on campus. The house sponsors regular programs and special events.

Berg House

Berg House is open to all students. While we encourage all student to apply to live in the house preference will be given to women, trans* or gender non-conforming individuals wishing to live in this house community. The purpose of Berg House is to provide a communal living opportunity for students to focus on the encouragement of individual and community awareness of the diversity of gender and gender issues.

Berg House is located on the corner of 2nd Street and Union Street.

All Women’s Floor

Each year, one floor of a residence hall is designated as an all-women’s floor. Contact Residential Life for more information.

Other cultural or shared interest houses

ASIA House, Freedom House, CANOE House, F.I.S.H., La Casa del Sol, Dacie Moses House, Sustainable Living House, Jewish Interest House, Language Houses, Multicultural Center, Science Fiction & Fantasy House, Culinary House.

For more information…

Contact the Office of Residential Life
Location: Severance Hall G10
Phone (507) 222-4072 or 222-5465
FAX (507-222-7473)
Email: reslife@carleton.edu