All Gender Restrooms

Some transgender and gender non-binary students may feel more comfortable using all-gender restrooms. This map shows the location of these restrooms on the Carleton campus.

In 2017, Carleton's Community, Equity and Diversity Initiative (CEDI) released an Accessible and Inclusive Bathrooms Action Team Report with suggestions for change and improvement.   

All Gender Restrooms at Carleton

A map of all-gender restrooms on campus. Click each location for details.

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  • Alumni Guest House

    First floor by the library.

    44.4591438510624, -93.1558515759963
  • Boliou Hall

    In the basement.

    44.4624404010615, -93.152711391449
  • Watson

    First floor.

    44.4592702030988, -93.1502223014832
  • Sayles/First Sevy

    Across from the great hall, near the dean of student's office.

    44.4612305390588, -93.156316280365
  • Student Health and Counseling

    In the hallway past the appointment desk.

    44.460028309576, -93.1562733650208
  • Rec Center

    Family locker rooms are gender neutral and located on the second floor.

    44.464002464285, -93.1492352485657
  • Cassat Residence Hall

    All floors.

    44.4599747064111, -93.1508874893188
  • Evans Residence Hall

    Every floor.

    44.4604647906582, -93.149653673172
  • Goodhue Residence Hall

    Every floor.

    44.4623025699469, -93.1495141983032
  • Burton Residence Hall

    All floors.

    44.4604647906582, -93.1565952301025
  • Davis Residence Hall

    All floors.

    44.4600436247569, -93.1562840938568
  • Weitz Center

    Ground floor, below Cinema located in the South West corner of the building.

    44.4566052658525, -93.1562089920044
  • James Residence Hall

    Every floor.

    44.4599747064111, -93.151820898056
  • Dacie Moses House

    First floor hallway to the left of the kitchen.

    44.4589638946595, -93.1573140621185
  • 4th Floor Gould Library
    44.46227255301343, -93.15471296373289
  • GSC/Clader House

    All Gender Restroom is available at the GSC. You can also pick up safer sex and menstrual supplies at this location.

    44.45871632189516, -93.15762305050157
  • The Chapel

    2 located in the main lobby and 2 located in the basement of the Chapel.

    44.4600512823459, -93.1546425819397