All Gender Restrooms

Some transgender and gender non-binary students may feel more comfortable using all-gender restrooms. This map shows the location of these restrooms on the Carleton campus.


All Gender Restrooms at Carleton

A map of all-gender restrooms on campus. Click each location for details.

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  • Alumni Guest House

    First floor by the library.

    44.4591438510624, -93.1558515759963
  • Boliou Hall

    In the basement.

    44.4624404010615, -93.152711391449
  • Watson

    First floor.

    44.4592702030988, -93.1502223014832
  • Sayles/First Sevy

    Across from the great hall, near the dean of student's office.

    44.4612305390588, -93.156316280365
  • Student Health and Counseling

    In the hallway past the appointment desk.

    44.460028309576, -93.1562733650208
  • Rec Center

    Family locker rooms are gender neutral and located on the second floor.

    44.464002464285, -93.1492352485657
  • Cassat Residence Hall

    All floors.

    44.4599747064111, -93.1508874893188
  • Evans Residence Hall

    Every floor.

    44.4604647906582, -93.149653673172
  • Goodhue Residence Hall

    Every floor.

    44.4623025699469, -93.1495141983032
  • Burton Residence Hall

    All floors.

    44.4604647906582, -93.1565952301025
  • Davis Residence Hall

    All floors.

    44.4600436247569, -93.1562840938568
  • Weitz Center

    Ground floor, below Cinema located in the South West corner of the building.

    44.4566052658525, -93.1562089920044
  • James Residence Hall

    Every floor.

    44.4599747064111, -93.151820898056
  • Dacie Moses House

    First floor hallway to the left of the kitchen.

    44.4589638946595, -93.1573140621185
  • 4th Floor Gould Library
    44.46227255301343, -93.15471296373289
  • GSC/Clader House

    All Gender Restroom is available at the GSC. You can also pick up safer sex and menstrual supplies at this location.

    44.45871632189516, -93.15762305050157
  • The Chapel

    2 located in the main lobby and 2 located in the basement of the Chapel.

    44.4600512823459, -93.1546425819397