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Haiti Relief Carleton ( is the Carleton community's source for information on relief efforts both on campus and within the greater Northfield community. Interested in joining Haiti relief efforts at Carleton? Come to our weekly meetings!

Carleton College to Sponsor Informational Panel on Haiti

January 25, 2010 at 3:04 pm

Northfield, Minn.––Carleton College is sponsoring a panel on Haiti so College and Northfield area community members can learn more about the country following the recent massive earthquake and resulting tragedy on Wednesday, Jan. 27 from 5-6 p.m. in Boliou Hall, room 104.

Carleton history professor Susannah Ottaway will moderate the panel. The panelists include:

  • Jöelle Vitiello, chairperson of the Macalester College French department. She is a frequent traveler to Haiti and was in the country during the earthquake. She is a member of the Haiti Justice Committee of Minnesota.
  • Ruben Joanem, a Haitian-American and a graduate student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. He is also a member of the Haiti Justice Committee of Minnesota and he periodically leads delegations to Haiti. He has been involved in advocacy for people of francophone origin, also working extensively with refugees from West Africa, especially Togo.
  • Daniel Jean Mary, currently a student at Inver Hills College. He lives near Port au Prince, has a wife and young son, and grew up at St. Joseph Boys Home in Port au Prince.
  • Paul Miller, Northfield, has been involved in Haiti since 1996. He has participated on work teams in Haiti, led peace and justice delegations, and actively worked for just United States policies towards Haiti.  He recently founded the Haiti Justice Alliance of Northfield.

Carleton has also started a website at to serve as a gateway for those in the Carleton community and how they can assist in the relief efforts.

Boliou Hall is located east of Minnesota highway 19, between Goodsell Observatory and the Center for Math and Computing, on the Carleton campus. For more information and disability accommodations, please contact the Office of College Relations at (507) 222-4309.

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