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How You Can Help


Visit the Event Calendar for information on informational/benefit events hosted by, co-hosted, or promoted by the Carleton community.
Come to our weekly meetings, Wednesday at 8:00PM in Weitz 230, if you are interested in helping put together events in support of Haiti.


Though the earthquake that devastated Haiti occurred over a year ago, Haiti is still in need of support. Haiti Relief Carleton is currently encouraging community members to send donations to Partners in Health (by clicking on the icon to the left of the page). Partners in Health (PIH) has been involved in Haiti for over 20 years, and for the most part, has developed its medical infrastructure outside of Port-au-Prince, the hard-hit capital of Haiti.

Additionally, Haiti Relief Carleton strongly supports the WhatIf? Foundation, which funds food and education programs in Port-au-Prince, and the SOPUDEP School, a school in Port-au-Prince that is founded and directed by Rea Dol, a community organizer, and provides free or low-cost education to Haitian children.  Links to the WhatIf? Foundation and SOPUDEP School can be found below, and we strongly encourage community members to donate to these amazing organizations.

WhatIf? Foundation: