Class Rosters

Click in the box to the left of the course you wish to select and choose the sort criteria for your class roster in the two boxes in the middle columns. If you want your class roster to be in alphabetical order by student name, simply keep the defaults as they are. To choose the information you want to appear on your class roster, click in the boxes to the left of that information in the right-hand column. If you do not click in any boxes in this column, no information will download. Choose your output selection by clicking in the appropriate circle in the lower left of the page, then click Submit.

If you wish to view your photo rosters, click on the Photo Roster button at the bottom of page that now appears. To print a photo roster, use your browser's Print button.

If you chose to open the roster in Excel, the Excel version of your class roster will display. If you want to save this spreadsheet, click on the File menu and then on Save As, give the file a new name, and click on Save. Note that this roster does not include wait listed or dropped students.