Report Time Worked

Use the Report Time Worked form to choose a pay period and position for which you want to enter time. This form lists only the pay periods that are available for time entry. Therefore, you could see more than one pay period listed for the same position.

If you hold multiple positions, then depending on your pay schedule, you could see the same pay period listed more than once.

Note: If you need to enter time for a pay period or position that is not listed here, contact your supervisor.

For each listing, the following information is displayed:

  • Start and end dates for the pay period.
  • Title of the position.
  • Date that you started work in each position.
  • Department, supervisor, and location associated with each position.
  • Deadline for submitting your time entry for the hours worked in each pay period. You can enter and modify the time worked until the date and time displayed in the Complete By Date column.

To access a time entry, check the box for the pay period and position for which you want to enter time and click Submit. The Time Entry form for the pay period and position is then displayed.

Note: You can select only one pay period and position at a time.