Leaves of Absence

Please contact Karyn Jeffrey, Associate Director, Human Resources for assistance with Leaves of Absence. Telephone extension (x4174); Email: kjeffrey@carleton.edu.

Carleton College will comply with all applicable laws such as FMLA, federal, state, and any applicable regulations. We recognize that situations may arise requiring a regular employee to request a leave of absence. The leave may be personal, medical, or for military service. Employees will meet with Human Resources to determine the proper designation of the type of leave, its applicable provisions and forms, and how the leave is to be monitored. Human Resources will keep the supervisor informed of the necessary details of the leave. Human Resources receives requests for leaves for multiple reasons, and we check, when appropriate, the applicable statutes and regulations related to each. In order to ensure we have up to date information on all these leaves, we prefer to check the governmental websites instead of listing statutes in our handbook. Personal leaves will be approved by the supervisor. Any accrued sick, vacation or holiday hours will be used during a leave of absence (see Sick Leave Eligibility section). The amount of paid leave is calculated based on the employee’s budgeted weekly hours. If the absence is due to illness or injury, accumulated sick leave will be paid out according to amount of time indicated by the employee’s physician, time off in addition to the physician’s request will require the use of employee’s accrued vacation and/or floaters. College holiday hours will be paid during a leave of absence, based on the budgeted FTE. Any unpaid time in lieu of absence accruals will be at the discretion of the supervisor.

If your leave is 6 months or less, you are eligible to continue to receive the College contributions to the College provided benefits in which you are enrolled. You must also continue to pay your portion of your health care premiums and any other deductions, including any changes in such premiums, during the period of your leave. If your leave is unpaid, then arrangements for payments must be made through the Human Resource’s office. If your leave should, with supervisory approval, extend beyond six months, you will need to pay the entire premiums on any insured benefit plans in which you participate. Leaves of absence will generally be for less than six months although longer leaves may be considered if circumstances are determined by the College to be extenuating. Under no circumstances are leaves to exceed a rolling twelve month period.

Leave of absence forms are available to download under Forms.