Estate Guidance & Employee Travel Assistance (The Hartford)

Carleton College receives some miscellaneous group benefits from The Hartford that we'd like our benefit-eligible staff to know about. 

Estate Guidance:

Are you in need of a will?  A will is an important legal document that helps protect your family's future.  The Hartford gives you a service called EstateGuidance that helps you create a simple legal will quickly and conveniently online, with the support of licensed attorneys, if needed.  It will save you the time and expense it would take to create a will with a private attorney.

Should you be interested in this benefit, please access the information (below).  Please recognize that this service is free of charge to you as long as you begin and end the process within 30 days.  Contact Human Resources (x5989) for the access ("promotional") code.

Travel Assistance Program (Available 24/7):

The Hartford offers benefit-eligible employees a Travel Assistance benefit with some unique services.  Service is available 24/7 and includes: 

Visa, Passport, Inoculation and Immunization Requirements;
International "Hot Spots";
Travel Advisories;
Foreign Exchange Rates;
Embassy and consulate Referrals;
Medical Referrals -- Refers you to medical providers world wide;
Medical Monitoring;
Medical Evacuation -- Transportation to an appropriate medical facility that can provide treatment;
Emergency Medical Payments;
Medication and Eyeglass Replacement Assistance;
Emergency Travel Arrangements;
Emergency Cash;
Legal Assistance;
Bail Advancement;
Visitation by a Family Member or Friend -- if you a traveling and are hospitalized;
Tear-Out Wallet Card -- for your convenience and contains travel assist information