Sick Leave Eligibility and Accrual

Sick Leave Eligibility and Accrual (Non-Union):

All regular, benefit-eligible employees are entitled to sick leave with pay for personal illness, injury, pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion and childbirth. The amount of sick leave is pro-rated for all staff members working less than full-time or less than 12 months in the year.


See the following chart for information on sick leave eligibility and balances:

Sick Leave Eligibility and Maximums by Employee Group Accrual Rate Total  Annual Sick Leave Accrual for Full-Time employee Maximum Balances for Full-Time employee
Bi-Weekly (Non-Exempt, Non-Union)
.0462 per hour paid 96 hours (12 days)   No maximum
Monthly (Exempt)
  1 day per month 12 days   No maximum

Sick leave hours are accrued at the end of each pay period based on the employee’s current accrual rate, the number of worked (excluding over-time) and/or the employee’s budgeted FTE.

Upon termination, bi-weekly employees with 15 or more years of service will be paid 20% of their accrued sick leave balance.  Monthly employees are not eligible for sick leave payout.

Bi-weekly employees are to record their sick time utilization using actual time verses rounding to 15 minute increments on their web-time entry electronic timesheet.

Monthly employees must electronically record sick leave utilization on the HUB. The Fair Labor Standards Act requires exempt leave reporting in no less than half-day increments.  Timely reporting of exempt leaves is encouraged, and adjustment to leave balances will not be made due to late reporting.

Regular, benefit-eligible, non-union employees are encouraged to view the Staff Handbook for more information on utilization of sick leave.


Sick Leave Eligibility and Accrual (Union):

All regular, benefit-eligible, union employees accrue the right to take paid sick leave from work for all regular hours worked in each pay period.  The rate of accrual shall be .04615 hours for each regular hour worked.  There shall be no maximum accrual.

A new employee may not use sick leave during the probationary period.  If the new employee completes the probationary period, the employee's sick leave shall be deemed to have accumulated starting on the employee's date of hire as a regular employee.

An employee who has fifteen (15) years of consecutive service and who terminates or retires shall receive 20% of their accumulated sick leave paid at the time of separation.

Regular, benefit-eligible, union employees are encouraged to reference the current collective bargaining agreement for more information on utilization of sick leave.