Longevity Bonus

Since 1976 the College has awarded annual longevity bonuses to eligible non-exempt, non-union staff
members. All full-time and regular, benefit-eligible part-time (20 hours per week or more)
non-exempt, non-union staff members become eligible after the completion of five years of
continuous service. The credit for previous service is accrued after completing three continuous
years of service in the employee’s current employment period.

Bonus amounts are calculated on hours worked and accrued through the most recent July 1, and are
listed as “long pay” in the last non-exempt pay period for the month in which the anniversary date
occurs. All bonus amounts are subject to income tax and will be deposited into the same bank
account as your regular payroll.

Bonus amounts:
Bonus amounts are based on length of continuous service attained using years in which the
greatest number of hours (best years) are worked according to the following table:

Completion of Continuous                             Bonus                          Pro-rated
Service to Anniversary Date                       Amount                     Adjustments

After 5 years but less than 10                   $ 100.00                   5 best years
After 10 years but less than 15                 $ 200.00                  10 best years
After 15 years but less than 20                 $ 400.00                  15 best years
After 20 years                                        $ 600.00                  20 best years

Employees who work 2,080 hours per year receive full bonus amounts. Those who worked fewer than
2,080 hours in any given year used for the bonus calculation will receive pro-rated amounts.

Longevity bonuses do not apply to those employees who change from non-exempt, non-union to any other employee classification or designation.