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Spring 2004 (March 19, 2004)

Art Appreciation

March 19, 2004

The Hyslop-Warnholtz Fund gives art and art history students an opportunity to expand their horizons

Art professor Alfred Hyslop wasn't at Carleton when the art department was founded in 1920, but he is often remembered as one of the first professors to develop it. Under his guidance, core courses were improved and Boliou was designed and built. He spent 40 years teaching students art at Carleton, and he helped make it a place where students who are serious about art can study.

Hyslop's friends made sure his guidance was not forgotten. In 1967, a few years after his retirement, friends created the Alfred J. Hyslop Art Fund, which provides a scholarship for students in art and art history to obtain special instruction and experience to supplement their Carleton classes. In 1994, after Hyslop's successor, Dean Warnholtz, retired, his name was added to the scholarship to honor his contributions as well.

Each year the scholarship funds several students who pursue a variety of activities, from conferences to internships. One recent stipend was given to Nuno Nunez '04, a studio art major who traveled to Texas to visit museums and study with Eric Avery, a paper and print artist.

Art professor Fred Hagstrom says the scholarship is a great incentive for motivated students. "The funding lets us augment students' studies, particularly if there are classes that Carleton doesn't offer," he says. "If students want to take a course in glass-blowing, which we don't have here, we have the funding to pay for a class for them. You want to encourage kids who want to do a little bit extra."

Other Gifts for Student and Faculty Research

  • The Eugster Faculty Development Fund, created in 2001 by Musicland Group in honor of Carleton trustee Jack Eugster '67 P '02, provides opportunities for Carleton faculty members to explore new fields, ideas, and activities.
  • The Parents Endowed Fund for Academic Excellence recognizes the successes of Carleton students by providing funding for academic programs and other initiatives.
  • The Bernstein Fund, an endowment for geology students created by former trustee Raph Bernstein and wife Jane, both P '86, promotes faculty and student research projects in the field and in the laboratory.
  • In 1999 the George Fellows Fund was created by William and Penny George P '96 and Jeff George '96 to provide fellowships to international students.