Sarah Abdel-Jelill

Sarah Abdel-JelillHi everyone! My name is Sarah Abdel-Jelil, and I am a rising sophomore.

I am Mauritanitan-American, and I moved a lot growing up. Each place I’ve lived has played an integral role in shaping my identity. I feel that in order to know me you must know where I lived, so here is my list: Born in Iowa, USA; Nouakchott, Mauritania (1 year); Cambridge, England (2 years); Lagos, Nigeria (3 years); New York, USA (4 years); Amman, Jordan (4 months); Nouakchott, Mauritania (2 years); Libreville, Gabon (1 year); Rabat, Morocco (2 years); Geneva, Switzerland (2 years); Northfield, Minnesota, USA (  1 year so far….) (to be continued…)

I don’t have a major yet, but I have been thinking about Music as a potential major. I recently took 2 classes at Carleton in Music Technology, which essentially combines computer science and music. (I highly recommend it!) In addition to those classes, I have been involved in a number of clubs and activities including Women’s Club Soccer, Ebony (dance group), Tamarind (dance group), and the Afro-Caribbean Association (ACA). I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions (

1. What excites you about being at Carleton?

I love that there is always something to do at Carleton, whether it’s watching a performance, participating in one, cooking with Firebellies (cooking club), exploring “the Arb” (arboretum) or just hanging out with friends in the hallway. Part of what helps me adapt to a new place is getting involved in activities and sports, so I have really enjoyed having so many clubs and activities on campus. I also like the fact that choosing classes is a difficult task. There are so many interesting classes that narrowing the list down to three is tough.


2. What is something you wish you had been better prepared for before arriving to Carleton?

I feel like everything is a learning experience, so I don’t have one thing that I wish I had been better prepared for before arriving at Carleton. That being said, if I had to choose one, it might be the weather. They do not joke about ‘Minnesota winters.’ Have no fear; there are some good things that come from Minnesota winters: increased floor bonding, broomball, sledding, walking on Lymen Lakes, and drinking lots of hot chocolate.