OIIL Peer Leader Application

Application Deadline: Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Interested in becoming an Office Assistant/House Manager for Stimson? Please visit Office Assistant

Please read through the descriptions of the three working teams that are incorporated into the OPL position. After, please fill out the application to apply to be an OPL below.

In addition to mentoring students, OIIL Peer Leaders will be on one of three working teams. Facilitator Team, Media/Communication Team and the Program Coordination Team. The following is a summary of each team’s responsibilities.

Facilitator Team- This team will be responsible for planning and facilitating dialogue on campus. This includes, but is not limited to:

• OIIL Talk - planning and facilitation

• #Carltalk: Diversity  - planning, presenting and facilitation during NSW

Media/Communications Team- This team will be responsible for keeping OIIL and programming visible and accessible to the Carleton community:

• OIIL Events Photographer

• Coordinate/edit the OIIL Newsletter each Term

• OIIL Social Media- facebook/twitter/Instagram, etc.

• Create and distribute flyers/banners for events

Program Coordination Team- This team will plan events that are both educational and social that address the needs in the community as well as providing events that celebrate the diverse richness of the community:

• Coordinate Academic Programs for Mentees

• Coordinate Social Programs for Mentees

• Coordinate International Festival

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