Ahmed Abdirahman

Hi! My name is Ahmed Abdirahman and I am sophomore at Carleton. I’m from Portland, Maine, but was born in Somalia. I come from a big family and enjoy languages, music, and lazing around while also being semi-productive. I speak (would like to continue speaking) Somali, Arabic, and French (Arabic department here is fantastic). I am on the board for KRLX (Carleton Radio) and you should definitely try to get a show if you want. I’m thinking about becoming a Cognitive Science major.

1. What excites you about being at Carleton?

Carleton has so much to offer just the variety of activities is striking on its own, but being in such a great academic environment is probably the greatest aspect about Carleton. Everyone is so passionate about they’re academic interests (teachers and students). There is this sheer enthusiasm to learn and will-power to seriously pursue their interests with the intent to develop themselves and their communities. Many come in not knowing what they want to do with their lives (which is definitely okay), but Carleton offers so much that it is possible to leave your first year not being able to focus in on one interest (which is fine too). The community here is extremely willing to support you and your academic development. The fact that everyone is passionate about learning and willing to help is inspiring.

2. What is something you wish you had been better prepared for, before arriving at Carleton?

I wish I were more eager to ask more questions. Going to office hours, asking teachers and even classmates questions during class, or asking strangers (not for long at Carleton) questions will get you answers and then some. People here are very nice and willing to help, so asking more questions is something I would recommend especially fall term.