Funto Akindona

My name is Funto Akindona and I am a sophomore at Carleton College. Though I was born in Galveston and raised in Houston, my parents hail from Nigeria and brought with them a rich and beautiful culture! A culture that has been instilled in me from the moment I was born. I am very much proud of my Nigerian heritage and could go on about how AMAZING the food is if you let me! Currently, I am thinking of majoring in Chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry (or maybe neuroscience). I hope to go to medical and graduate school after Carleton.  I am on the executive board for Carleton’s African and Caribbean Association and a panel member for our Fellowship in Christ organization as well. I love science (and maybe a bit of math), dancing, reading, and eating good food. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to hit me up!

What excites you about Carleton?

I would definitely say the opportunities. The best thing about being in college is the freedom to make your college experience however you want it to be! Carleton is a great place to explore yourself and interests. There are tons of organizations that you can join, and if what you are interested isn’t a club you can make it one. There are indeed endless opportunities at Carleton.

What is something you wish you had been better prepared for, before arriving at Carleton?

I wish I had better study skills and organizational skills before coming to Carleton. Quite frankly, Carleton is challenging, and I wish I had gotten my study skills together while in high school. I had to do a little trial and error before figuring out which study tools worked for me. This trial and error resulted in grades I was less than happy about and wasted time. I also wish I was more organized. My freshman year could have gone a lot smoother had I been more organized with my classes and deadlines.


Instagram : @fun_akin