Tristan Dresbach

WECLOME TO CARLETON! I am über excited to meet you guys in the fall and before I start introducing myself, I want to highlight the fact that you are going to absolutely love Carleton. Now that you guys know that, you should probably know that my name is Tristan Dresbach. and that I am a sophomore. I lived my entire life in Belgium minus half a year spent in the Netherlands and two years spent in Houston Texas. Consequently, my native language is French; I speak decent German and one or two sentences of Italian. I came to Carleton thinking I would double major in chemistry and physics but I’m now leaning towards a chemistry/econ or chemistry/poli. sci. track; who knows where Carleton will take me. I play in the orchestra, the violin to be more precise; I actively play tennis and I actually hope to join the Varsity team next year. I am also part of the Alpine Ski Club, which you guys should join whatever you skill level may be! I am going to be living on 2nd Myers representing that sub-free life so I hope to see some of you there. Apart from that, I love reading the international news, following football (not American football) and tennis, I also love running and last but not least, I love Batman.

 1. What excites you about being at Carleton?

One word: opportunities. The school has a limitless array of possibilities to choose from, in terms of academics, social life and extra-curricular. The amount of activities, classes and leisure options has continued to astound me. Every day I want to try something new. I actually set myself the task of learning karate, learning how to cook and how to horseback ride properly before I graduate. You can try anything and everything. On a more academic note, Carleton offers some incredible opportunities when it comes to internships, off-campus study programs and summer study programs and that, for me, is what really sets Carleton apart.


2. What is something you wish you had been better prepared for before arriving to Carleton?

The weather. This must seem as a cliché by now since I’m sure you’ve had plenty of comments on Minnesota’s weather, however you really cannot be warned enough. Of all the things to pack for College, make sure that you have these two:

-A fan as most dorms do not possess AC

-Warm bedsheets/duvet/covers as most Carleton heaters are inefficient