Anesu Masakura

Hi there! My name is Anesu Masakura, and I’m a sophomore (Economics and Political Science double major) from Zimbabwe. My other academic interests include Computer Science, African-American Studies and Physics. I’m pretty excited to be an OPL this year, and I hope to build meaningful relationships with y’all. I currently serve as the OIIL Liaison to Senate, member of the Budget Committee, and Treasurer of the African and Caribbean Students Association. Want to talk about anything Africa-related, political activism, or rap music? Don’t worry, fam, I got you!

Nothing excites me more than connecting with people! Whether it is by nature, or nurture, I do not know. My first year at Carleton was riddled with a lot of cultural anxiety, and I’m glad to have learned from it. This is why I hope to connect with incoming international students and assist them to smoothly transition into the Carleton community.


What excites you about Carleton?

I’ve found the Carleton community to be incredibly warm and supportive! Wouldn’t have asked for anything better. The people also happen to be opinionated and open-minded, and this makes for some interesting conversations! I’ve learned a lot from my peers, who are from different parts of the world and have unique experiences/backgrounds.


What is something you wish you had better been prepared for, before arriving at Carleton?

Time management, I guess. It was initially hard for me  to strike a balance between my academic and social lives, but after some time I finally got the hang of it (or so I like to think). I also wish I’d known earlier that it’s okay to make mistakes; that it’s okay to get a B; that college is ridiculously stressful sometimes. Would have made my life easier. But all the experiences I’ve had have forged me into a better person, and I sincerely hope to share them with you on your own journey. You might learn a thing or two. *wink wink**


Feel free to reach out!

Facebook: Anesu Masakura

Instagram: anesu_masakura