Mika Takamori

Hey y’all! I’m Mika, I’m a rising sophomore and I use she/her/hers pronouns. I’m Japanese American and I grew up in Tokyo going to an international school (nis/asij) for most of my life and then moved to San Francisco and went to High School there (uhs) and now I’m here! It’s always weird trying to pitch yourself in a few sentences, but I guess I gotta try. I’m a potential Studio Art major, although I definitely did not know what I’d want to be going into freshman year so this could totally change in the next two terms. In high school I thought I enjoyed all fields of study, so I was super undecided coming into Carleton. I’d say I’m a compartmentally messy person (my mom would say otherwise) and I’m definitely introverted (but then again a lot of people at Carleton are). At Carleton I’m fairly sure most of my time was spent hanging out and having deep late night convos with friends (my RA) and sleeping ofc although I also did some fun stuff like the Lens, alpine ski club, and OIIL!

Definitely contact me about anything and even if I don’t know I could find someone who does! That pre college summer is stressful but it doesn’t have to be <3

What excites you about being at Carleton?

There are a lot of things to be excited about at Carleton (I know I sound like a tour guide but I do think that). From the super great view of the sky and all the stars (I’m a city kid so that was new & exciting and honestly it still is) to the awesome vibe of friendliness and enthusiasm for getting to know everyone, I’m having trouble thinking of one specific thing to write about… I’d say that I’ve met some of the most genuine people here and I’ve made amazing friends. I also really love to check out future classes I could take because there’s something really exciting about seeing all the possibilities and reading all the things you could dive into for 10 weeks. Focusing on 3 topics for 10 weeks lets me focus and really dive into a specific topic, but also explore different things and I really get excited about all the stuff out there. 

What is something you wish you had been better prepared for, before arriving at Carleton?

I wish I had been better prepared for this idea that I’d need to let go of some things to try out new things that may or may not be better than the things I had let go of. I am not a fan of taking risks in a lot of aspects in my life (especially food, I’m that person who tries to order the same thing at the same restaurant) so being in a new place and letting go of things I had been passionate about in high school was hard because sometimes when you move on from something, all you can remember are the good parts of that activity/hobby/extracurricular. I wish I had been better prepared for this by understanding that it would be hard initially, but that the goal is to build off your past experiences and sometimes that means moving onto new things.  

Facebook: Mika Takamori (The one with the purple raincoat on/obnoxiously cheesin)

Email: takamorim@carleton.edu