Tresa Xavier

My name is Tresa Xavier. I use she/her pronouns, and I am part of the class of 2020.  I’m from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I’m on the Board for Lovelace - the computer science interest group promoting women in STEM - and MOSAIC - the south asian interest group - in the fall and I’m an Editor for the student run publication ‘Manuscript.’ I’m so excited to meet everyone in the fall!

What excites you about being at Carleton?

What excites me most about being at Carleton is having the opportunity to not only be but also discover yourself. Because Carleton is a small school, most of its resources are accessible to everyone. Anything you want to learn or be a part of, you will have the opportunity to do so!   There is a safe space for everyone at Carleton and you will be supported throughout your journey here. Another reason that excites me about being at Carleton is the people. The people here are some of the warmest, kindest, and open-minded folk you will ever meet. You will make friends for life at Carleton and make some of your happiest moments with them.

What is something you wish you had been better prepared for, before arriving at Carleton?

Something that I wish I had been more prepared for is definitely striking the balance between academic and social life. There’s so much to do on campus and it’s easy to get lost when you're so involved in everything that's going in campus. Something else that I wish I’d known sooner is that asking for help doesn’t make you weaker - but smarter. You will find help almost anywhere at Carleton - and its upto you to make the most out of all its resources.