Joe Chen

My name is Joe Chen, an international student from China. Before coming to Carleton, I have studied at Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis for two years. When all of you guys come to Carleton, I will be a junior. I'm majoring in Economics with a concentration in Political Economy. I'm also on a member of Carleton Men's Rugby team. If any of you guys have interests in playing for Carleton, or just simply curious about the sport, definitely come talk to me.

1. What excites you about being at Carleton?

Carleton is a great place. It's a place where learning is genuine. If you're interested in anything at all, odds are that you will eventually find out a way to get to know it better. Also, our community is very friendly. Here you can not only make friends who share the same hobbies with you, but also friends whom you can count on in life. Sure, Carleton is not at the center of a metropolis (more of an understatement), but I personally have experienced a different way of life, and I'm grateful. Think of these next four years as a new chapter in your life. However to write it is completely up to you.

2.  What is something you wish you had been better prepared for before arriving to Carleton?

I think no matter how prepared you think you are now, there's still going to be surprises. I want to tell you what my parents told me before I left home the summer of 2013. They wanted me to be mentally ready to face whatever that's going to jump out in front of me. They wanted me to feel like I'm ready, that I'm ready for this next period of my life. I think their suggestion can be applied to all of you. Try to relax. Enjoy your summer. Come here with an open heart. More importantly, embrace your life. You can never be prepared for surprises, but you can maintain a peaceful mind that is going to be extremely important if you were to face a sudden event. I'm looking forward to seeing you all! Have a great summer!