Anthony Harris

The name my parents decided would be cool to call me my entire life was Anthony Lamar Harris. I am Puerto Rican (mom’s side) and African American (dad’s side). I was born in Michigan; however, I spent most of my life slow roasting in the inferno that is called Atlanta, Georgia. Subsequent to my freshman year of high school, I was enrolled into a boarding school in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (Cranbrook Kingswood) where the freezing weather proved to be my refuge. I am a rising pre-med junior and recently declared biology as my major a couple of months back. Notwithstanding such a recent declaration, I have always known biology was the field of study most appealing to me. Close friends of mine say I am a workaholic and I actually disagree. I just simple don’t leave my room, talk to friends, talk to family, go to parties, go to sleep, or eat food until I finish my endless influx of assignments and tasks. I’m kidding……I eat food sometimes. But all jokes aside, without a few of some of the best friends I have come across here at Carleton it would be all too easy to be swept away from reality via my study habits. I am NOT staying that being at Carleton will be nothing but work, work, work, with a side of work; I am simply warning you of getting caught up in the limbo of workaholicism! Try enjoying yourself, you might enjoy yourself =)!

1. What excites you about being at Carleton?

Good question mysterious prompter! In one word, what excites me the most about being at Carleton would be the support. The plethora of administrative support has superseded my expectations upon my sophomore year arrival. For just about everything I needed/wanted assistance on there has been a cavalry riding over the hill. Need funding? We got you! Want to go abroad but can’t afford it? No sweat! Looking for a place to crash for the winter, spring, or summer break? Don’t fret! Feeling like everyone in your science class is Albert Einstein reincarnated and you’re…..ummmm an “un-Albert Einstein”? We have free tutors/TAs (teacher assistances) for that! What? What’s that your say? You have the late night munchies, no money, no more Schillers, and the dining hall and Sayles closed? Stop trippin’! We got Dacie Moses’ House, a 24/7 community house that provides free baking supplies and other desserts for you late night cravings. There is a laundry list of support that Carleton provides to other Carls that I fail to include. Just know that here at Carleton, if there is a will there is for sure a way!

2.  What is something you wish you had been better prepared for before arriving to Carleton?

Stray Frisbees! First day I stepped foot on campus my right cheek provided the cushioned resistance to a speeding Frisbee before it reached the hands of the eager receiver across from me. Okay, but seriously, I honestly can’t say that I was unpleasantly surprised or ill-prepared before coming to Carleton. Between my boarding school and my first university, I feel as though I was adequately prepared by the time I came to Carleton. I will say that Carleton has forced me to evolve my way of planning/time-management. I know, I know, you probably hear that cliché ALLLLLL the time. (Professional voice) “The key to success is time management!” But take my advice when I tell you this cliché deserves to be screamed from the mountain tops! You will discover by the time you are a senior (hopefully much sooner) that time is your best friend and if you waste her then she will leave you, never to return. Time is here for you to succeed and give you a fair shot at your lifelong dreams, but make no mistake, time is and never has been unlimited in its quantity (at least to humans). Have fun, but do not lose focus on the reason why you decided to come to Carleton College in the first place. You will change the world one day (one way or another), and time is the blessing that will assure your victory. Welcome to Carleton!