Bonny Lee

Anyeong-haseyo! Apa kabar? Hello, beautiful people! I’mBonny Lee, and I am a rising sophomore here at Carleton College. For those of you who are confused of what the first few words meant, the first is a formal “hello” in Korean, and the second is Bahasa Indonesia for “how are you?” You’ve just learned a basic greeting in two different languages. You’re welcome. I got you. Why these two languages, you may ask? That’s because I’m half-Korean, half-Indonesian! I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia where I spent most of my childhood. I moved to Bundang Province in South Korea, then Dhaka, Bangladesh, then went back to Jakarta.

I love sports. Baseball, basketball, football (or soccer — look, I’m not here to debate on the proper terminology, we can catch up and do that sometime later), you name it! I also loooove playing video games and playing or listening to music. I play the guitar, drums, and have been wanting to learn to play the piano for a while. I listen to a variety of genres, starting from K-Pop, to rap and r&b. On the academic side, I am a potential International Relations major, but I am still open to other options. I’m also involved in multiple activities on campus. I will be the Vice President of the Korean Students Association, I’m involved in a rock band, and I will look to continue channeling my inner Harvey Specter in the Carleton Mock Trial team. Other than that, of course, I am honored and proud to be part of the OPL team.

Want to chat? Have any questions? Feel free to contact me at I don’t bite.

Like, I cannot, physically, through email. Not that I ever would. You get the point.

1. What are the academics at Carleton?

It’s time to choose your classes. You go online, log-in to The Hub, fingers crossed, hoping you get a good registration block, only to find out that you are one of the last people out of the entire student population to register for courses. Grumpy and displeased, you surf through the description of classes, hoping that you can at least have one class that you are really interested in. One hour later, you find yourself sweating, struggling to choose your classes, because you have found so many interesting classes that you want to take.

Other than the variety of classes and courses that is offered in Carleton’s trimester system, taught by the most caring, passionate, candy-giving, and intelligent professors, there are so many different clubs and activities that you can join, each filled with insanely passionate, ridiculously talented, amazingly supportive students. “Carls help Carls.” Look, I’m not one for cliché sayings, but this one rings true. cannot emphasize it any more. Carls help Carls.

2. How does one manage time at Carleton?

My dear friends, when people here say that winter is coming, it means that winter is coming. So grab your shield and sword and fight to protect the Seven Kingdo...sorry, I got carried away. I come from a place with warm tropical temperatures, and although I’ve experienced winter in Korea, I’ll be frank, it is nothing like the winters here. So just invest in a sturdy pair of winter boots, and a warm winter jacket.

I’m not going to lie. Growing up outside of the United States in a largely different environment, I was not as knowledgeable of the many concepts and/or activities that is a large part of the social environment in Carleton. But I learned that it is ok. I would tell my upcoming-college-freshman-self that it is fine to make mistakes, try new things, and venture forth. I’d tell him to not be shy to go out and try new things, to not be scared that you might make a fool out of yourself, to be confident in what you do. I’d assure him that it is a scary, yet exciting transition. After all, isn’t that what learning is all about? Oh, and I’d emphasize about getting a winter jacket, and some warm inner wears.