Eva (Yifan) Zhong

Heyyyyyyy Class of 2020!! Welcome to Carleton! My name is Eva (Yifan) Zhong and I’m a rising sophomore of the class of 2019. I’m from Sichuan, China. I haven’t decided on my major yet but I’ve narrowed down the range, and I’m leaning towards Cognitive Science or Computer Science or Psychology or Math, and might also explore English and art more…Well the list can be really long. But this is why I love Carleton so much—it encourages me to go out of my comfort zone and explore my passion, and the more I explore the more I’m amazed at the wonders of the world! I love trying new things and finding the connections among them. In my first year I’ve been involved in several cultural clubs, American Sign Language club, several dancing clubs and music on campus, and I’m excited to get more involved in sports, more dancing, more music and art next year. I’m also planning to learn French if I can manage to survive… I really love learning new things and sharing my interests with others, so hit me up if you have similar passions and I can introduce all the opportunities on campus to you guys!! Most importantly, I love connecting with people, and I’m already excited for the next ISO and for getting to know you guys! Pleeeeeeease feel free to shoot me an email(zhonge@carleton.edu) or add me on Facebook if you have questions!

 1. What excites you about being at Carleton?

The sheer amount of opportunities. There are always more things to explore on campus. Carleton is a very open place, so we can freely explore the different departments and the clubs on campus. The people here are very approachable and supportive, so it’s a great place to try something new and challenge myself.

The off-campus programs. It’s hard to believe that only after the first year, everyone around me is already talking about the studying abroad programs they will attend. Carleton offer some really great opportunities to be abroad, and I’m really excited to go on my own studying abroad journey. -THE PEOPLE. The students, the faculty, the staff…Everyone is really kind and friendly here. It’s the greatest thing about Carleton, and the community here teaches us all to become better individuals.

2. What is something you wish you had been better prepared for before arriving to Carleton?

The Winter. I’ve heard that winter is really cold, but I wish someone had told me winter will affect our mood. Yes, winter is pretty, but I have to admit that winter depress me. But pleeeease don’t get intimidated. Bringing some warm clothes and spending more time with friends, it is definitely manageable!

Time management. The greatest challenge I faced is to manage my own time, especially in a place like Carleton where there are so many different activities going on. In my first term, I was struggling with my academics and clubs, and was left with little time to hang out with friends because I didn’t manage my time effectively. When I learned to manage my schedule better, I felt much happier because I have more free time to relax and spend with my friends. The schoolwork in Carleton is definitely challenging but also manageable. If you are excited to explore, be prepared to manage your own time!

Carleton is a great place, but it is still a new place—a college, and coming from high school to college can be a challenging experience for everyone, so it is normal to have struggles and it’s okay to admit it. I’ve had struggles in my first term, but everyone around me looks okay so I assumed I’m the only one who had difficulties and blamed myself and did not reach out for enough help. Only later did I found that many felt the same way in the first few weeks. If we talked to each other, we could have supported each other. Therefore, realizing it is okay to struggle and reach out for help is really important. And this is the time when you’ll find out how great a community Carleton offers.