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May 2012

Saturday, May 26th

November 2012

Saturday, November 3rd

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Saturday, May 4th

February 2014

Thursday, February 20th

October 2014

Thursday, October 9th

January 2015

Saturday, January 10th

  • Grand Slam
    • OIIL Peer Leaders and their Mentee's have a night of fun, games and food at Grand Slam.
    • 5:45 pm, Grand Slam

September 2015

Saturday, September 19th

October 2015

Wednesday, October 7th

Monday, October 19th

Tuesday, October 20th

Wednesday, October 21st

Thursday, October 22nd

Friday, October 23rd

January 2016

Saturday, January 9th

Monday, January 18th

February 2016

Monday, February 1st

  • BSA: Reform Week begins (through Feb. 5)
    • Black student Alliance: Criminal Justice Reform Week

Friday, February 5th

Wednesday, February 24th

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Monday, February 29th

March 2016

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April 2016

Saturday, April 23rd

  • Boxes and Walls
    • Boxes and Walls personalizes oppression and gives us all a glimpse of what being part of each group might be like.
    • 1:00 pm, Sayles

Tuesday, April 26th

Saturday, April 30th

September 2016

Sunday, September 11th

Saturday, September 17th

October 2016

Saturday, October 22nd

November 2016

Monday, November 7th

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Friday, November 11th

January 2017

Saturday, January 7th

Monday, January 16th

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