Cultural Housing Application

This application is for applicants who have never lived in the Cultural House Community.  If you have lived in a Cultural House before, and would like to reapply, please use the Returner Cultural House Application.

Application Deadline:  Monday, April 6th  (Monday, March 2rd if you are off-campus during Spring Term 2015).

After you submit your application, Toni Grant or Martin Olague will contact you to schedule your interview.  Interviews will take place during the afternoon on Thursday, April 9th and during the day on Friday, April 10th. Students who will be off campus during Spring Term 2015 will be interviewed during 9th or 10th week of Winter Term.

Applications will be available by Friday, February 20, 2015 at 5pm.


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Cultural House(s) you are interested in living in for the 2015-2016 academic year:*
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Why are you interested in living in the Cultural House Community? Why are you interested in living in the specific house(s) you selected above (Casa, Freedom, Asia)?*
What is your understanding of the mission of the house(s) you are interested in livng? How will your help your house community fulfill it's mission?*
What role or roles do you see yourself playing in the Cultural House Community?*
What is your ideal communal living environment?*
Living in a common house requires teamwork and cooperation, describe how you typically work on a team or participate in group projects.:*
If a conflict were to arise in your community, how would you address the situation?
What type of room do you prefer?*
Should you be placed in a double, who is your preferred roommate?*
If you do not have a preferred roommate, with which gender(s) would you prefer to live?
Would you consider other room options? If so, which ones?*
Are you interested in the House Manager position (2 - 3 hr/wk paid position)?*
If you are interested in the House Manager position, please describe your leadership and conflict resolution styles, respectively.:
What other housing options are you considering?
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