This report shows selected counts from Carleton's official Enrollment Census Reports, displayed here in the form of Carleton's long-term enrollment history. This table covers all years and terms from academic year 1979-80 through the current year/term.

Enrollment History by Year and Term

  • This table provides the primary enrollment counts for each term within each year, as well as ones for three-term averages and year-long total enrollment counts.
  • These are given first in total, and then are broken down into those for students studying on-campus in Northfield, and those for students away from campus on off-campus study programs. Counts of those living in Northfield are further divided into students living in college housing and those in non-college private housing (so-called, "Northfield Option"). The enrollment counts of students on off-campus programs are further divided into those on Carleton-sponsored programs and those on non-Carleton programs.